Locums Life Academy Digital Home Study Course

The Locums Life Academy Digital Course is the first “do-it-with-you” online 5-day course exclusively for doctors that gives you an all-access pass to discover how other doctors who were once frustrated and overwhelmed just like you have built successful careers being a locums doctor. You get a step by step guide on how you can get started with locums or on how to transition from a “permanent doc” to a “locums doc”.

Locums Quick Start Course

The Locums QuickStart Course is a digital course that provides a road map to getting started with
Locums. In this course you will learn the ins and outs of the locums industry; how to work successfully with locums recruiters; how to negotiate top market rates and get paid what you are worth; how to find the optimal assignments; the legal, tax, and financial implications associated with being a locums doctor.

Critical Care Refresher Course

The Critical Care Refresher Course series was developed to help non-critical care physicians improve their critical care skills just in case they find themselves caring for critically ill patients. These courses will not only provide you with increased knowledge of the most current issues in critical care medicine, but they will also give you confidence in knowing that YOU can take care of critically ill patients.

Doc-For-Hire Book

As locums physicians become increasingly respected and appreciated for the services they provide to organizations looking to fill their staffing needs, physicians who desire to gain more freedom, flexibility, control, and money are poised to successfully enter this growing field. Yet, since many were not encouraged to pursue this route during medical school, residency, or fellowship, they have no idea where to begin. That is why Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman has written Doc-for-Hire: A Blueprint for Living a Locums Life.

In Doc-for-Hire, an informative, tell-all guide, Dr. Stephanie has compiled her decade’s worth of experience working and traveling as a locums doctor to teach physicians the entire locums process. Replete with tips from how to find top assignments and negotiate peak market rates to how to set up your locums business, and much more, this book will provide every physician with the proven strategies necessary to avoid pitfalls and embrace their identity as a “doc-for-hire.”

Locums Life Lessons book

Burnout among physicians is at an all-time high. Long hours, extended time away from family, decreasing reimbursements, and lack of professional support have many physicians looking at career alternatives. In Locums Life LessonsWords of Wisdom from a Lifelong Locums Doc, Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman reveals how working as a locums physician is a viable option to traditional physician employment.

Locums Life Lessons is a collection of essays that highlights the decades-long experiences of a vet in the locums field. By combining both the art and the science of doing locums, this informative, tell-all guide provides concrete strategies for working as a locums doctor as well as encouragement for dealing with the emotional issues associated with this position. With topics ranging from myths and misconceptions to ways to elevate your locums game, this vital book will help you not only survive but thrive in the world of locums.

Real World Medicine

What Your Attending Didn’t Tell You
And Your Professor Didn’t Know

The process of becoming a physician is extremely challenging. After undergraduate school, it takes a minimum of seven years to get through medical school, internships, residencies, and fellowships, which are all designed to ensure that physicians get the best training possible. Countless hours are spent studying, rounding on patients, taking calls, and taking a seemingly endless number of exams. However, many physicians have discovered that practicing medicine in the real world as an attending physician—not within the confines of a training program—has its unique set of challenges.

Many of the issues faced by young physicians just entering into the practice of medicine are common to all physicians. However, many physicians are not trained to deal with these situations because their medical schools and post-graduate training programs offer little training in the nonclinical aspects of medical practice. I have been practicing medicine as a critical care physician for 10 years. The vast majority of that time has been spent working as a locum tenens physician. Throughout my career as a locums physician, I have worked in many hospitals and have met numerous attending physicians, medical residents, and medical students. I am always astonished at the disconnect between what we as physicians are taught during our medical training and what we actually have to know as physicians in the real world.

I wrote this book to help bridge that gap. Real World Medicine: What Your Attending Didn’t Tell You and Your Professor Didn’t Know provides practical advice on how to have a successful career in medicine. This book discusses many of the issues faced by physicians and offers solid strategies on how to navigate the complex legal, financial, and political aspects of practicing medicine that will help you avoid the common mistakes many physicians make.