As a successful and highly sought after Critical Care Physician, Dr. Stephanie is a board-certified critical care physician, best-selling author, speaker and consultant. As Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of, Dr. Stephanie shares her knowledge with other physicians in terms of alternative medical careers. With her credentials, expertise, and advice, it is no wonder that Dr. Stephanie is known as “The Job Doctor”


There are not enough words to describe just how monumental a role Dr. Stephanie Freeman has played in my professional development as a new Attending physician.  She thoroughly advised me on how to approach my job search, has invaluable knowledge of the current physician market, and taught me how to negotiate a competitive rate. Dr. Freeman has been absolutely fantastic and I easily give her my highest recommendation. I absolutely recommend her to my friends and colleagues!

D. M. Hutchinson, D.O.

When I was in conflict with how I wanted to balance my personal life and career, Dr. Freeman came to the rescue. Her advice truly helped me to live my life the way I wanted while avoiding a major burn out early in my career.

Arabia Mollette, MD

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Freeman through a collegial group of women in medicine of color. I had never before had the opportunity to talk to someone who looked like me, was a woman, and was in my profession. I don’t recall how we ended up exactly up on the phone but I do remember that it was back in May of 2016. I was professionally flustered, frustrated, and at a point where I felt as though I had become lost in the maze that medicine can become. I had lost my love for it for a multitiude of reasons. I was exhausted and spent emotionally, mentally, and physically.”

”What Stephanie offered me was not just a listening ear but almost a professional olive branch of hope. After our conversation I actually cried because I realized that there were other opportunities if I was willing to think out of the box. I realized that my struggles were not unique to myself but others had been through them and still they
succeeded. I realized that my life could be different. What I have found 8 months later is that love for medicine is starting to come back to me. I feel truly blessed to have encountered a colleague and a mentor in Dr. Freeman. God brings people into your life for a reason and a season and he clearly has introduced her into my life for a reason.”

Thank you.

Shani Smith, D.O, M.B.A.