Five things to consider when choosing a financial advisor

Having a financial advisor is an essential part of building wealth and protecting your assets. However, not all financial advisors are created equal. Here are five things to consider when choosing a financial advisor.

  1. Are they independent? If a financial advisor works for a company, they may be under pressure to promote certain products that are beneficial to the company. However, an independent financial advisor has access to a wide range of financial products and can choose the one that best suits his/her clients’ needs.
  2. Are they a fiduciary? According to, “A fiduciary is an individual who acts in the best interest of a particular person or beneficiary. In the world of financial services, that means fiduciary advisors must only buy and sell investments that are the best fit for their clients. Fiduciaries have a bond of trust with clients and must avoid conflicts of interest. Working with a fiduciary financial advisor means that they have your best financial interests at heart.”
  3. Financial Advisor vs Financial Consultant: Financial Advisors are required to pass a series of tests and to be licensed. Be sure to ask about the training, licenses, and credentials of your financial advisor.
  4. Fee based or commission based: A fee based financial advisor charges a flat fee for the services they provide. A commission-based advisor gets paid a commission based on the sale of a product or a financial transaction.
  5. How often do they meet with you? You should meet with you financial planner at least quarterly to identity your financial needs and concerns, to implement a plan, and to make sure your plan is working.

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