Three Reasons  Every Physician Should Have a Certified Financial Planner

There is an African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  The same can be said as it pertains to physicians: “It take a village to ensure the success of a physician.” Every physician needs a team, and a certified financial planner is an essential component of that team.

A certified financial planner can assist physicians in three main ways:

  1. Tax Strategy: A certified financial planner can help develop a financial plan that optimizes growth while decreasing your tax burden.
  2. Retirement Planning: Although many of us love our jobs and would work for free, no physician plans to work forever. It is essential to enlist the expertise of a certified financial planner in order to ensure you are on track to retire when you plan to.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility: Let’s face it. Although we physicians are great at practicing medicine, managing money may not be one of our strong points. A financial planner can help you with budgeting, managing cash flow, and asset management.

The financial experts at Commonwealth of Atlanta understand the unique financial needs of physicians and specialize in working with physicians. Schedule your complimentary session today with Harvey Maclin, Vice President of Financial Planning and Retirement Services with Commonwealth of Atlanta at,

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