The Locums Life: The Secret to Balance for Physician Moms

Life is a balancing act for many people, but this is especially true for working moms. Trying to juggle your career, duties as a wife, and the responsibilities to your children can be challenging and overwhelming. However, you can wake up each day looking forward to the upcoming challenges with excitement!

Working as a locum tenens physician basically means that you fill in where there is a need. This work can accommodate most specialties and can vary in terms of length of service. You may be needed for 3 days or 6 months. Though anyone that is considering the locums life should weigh the pros and cons for their unique situation, Here are 5 reasons why locums life can be perfect for physician moms.

  1. You can work as little or as much as you want to

Having control over your schedule is one of the most appealing benefits of working as a locum tenens physician. You can choose to work as little or as much as you’d like, offering the time freedom you so desperately desire for ultimate balance. For example, you may decide to work extra hard during some months of the year so that you can take a month off during the summer to spend more time with your family and/or take a vacation. The flexibility is really priceless.

No scheduling solution is perfect, but having more control over the demands of your schedule will pay big dividends in your stress level and effectiveness as a parent, wife, and working woman.

  1. You can choose a position that works for your needs

You can choose a position that is most in line with the needs of your family. Whether it’s choosing a job that allows for nights and weekends off or choosing to work nights while your children are small, you get to decide what’s right for you. This allows you to be present when your kids need you most, communicates value to your children, and lets them know that they’re important to you. During this time, focus exclusively on them and enjoy your time together. Keep in mind, your position can be local and doesn’t always have to require travel.

  1. You can truly leave your work at the office/hospital

Wouldn’t it be nice to  not be inundated with office or hospital politics? Locum tenens may provide you with the opportunity to leave all that behind and just focus on the work. Being able to leave the work at the office or hospital communicates to your children that they are valuable to you because you can be present at home.

  1. You can have more time with your family

Because you control your schedule, you also control your time with your family. Children grow up so quickly so being able to be present is a huge bonus of locum tenens work.

  1. You can make more money

Often times with locum tenens work, the pay is better. Also, some locum tenens positions need to be filled urgently and therefore come with increased pay to fill the position.

If you are a physician mom, keep these 5 reasons in mind when considering the best working option for you and your family. Locums life can help bring sanity to a world that was once filled with constant chaos. You can juggle your career and family life if you make decisions that are consistent with your values, plan your time carefully, and use your resources on the priorities that are most important.

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