Don’t Let A Temporary Condition Force You into A Permanent Situation


Medscape just released its annual report on physician burn out and suicide. In this report, it listed the number one cause of burn out as administrative burden due to workplace and organizational culture.

This means that burnout is:

  1. Preventable
  2. Reversible
  3. Treatable

In other words, burnout is a temporary condition. However, many physicians deal with their burnout by choosing to leave clinical medicine all together.

And once you leave clinical medicine for a period of 2 years, it is nearly impossible to return.

And many physicians decide that after they have recovered from their burnout, they want to return to clinical medicine.

Burnout is temporary. The decision to leave clinical medicine may be permanent.

Don’t let a temporary condition force you into a permanent situation.

Before you decide to leave clinical medicine. Before you decide to hang up your white coat and your stethoscope, do these three things:

  1. Get help
  2. Assess the situation and develop a plan
  3. Consider locums

Locums is a viable option for many physicians who are burned out because burn out is also caused by a lack of control. Doing locums allows you to work when you want, where you want, how much you want, and for how much you want to work. And the great thing about locums is the fact that if you don’t like a locums assignment, you don’t have to go back.

Locums allows you to regain control of your life by regaining control of your career.

For more information about doing locums, download my free training video, Getting Started with Locums in Five Easy Steps.

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