Don’t Let These Five Things Keep You From Doing Locums

Many physicians are reluctant to do locums due to various issues that have. However, don’t let these issues deter you from doing locums.

  1. Family/Childcare Issues. This seems to be the number one issue for women physicians. What do they do about childcare? How can they manage being away from home while traveling as a locums? I have a friend who is a psychiatrist and does locums full time. When her son was a baby, she would bring him and the nanny along with her on the locums assignments. When he got a little older, she would arrange for daycare at the place of her locums assignment. She worked with a company that accommodated her requests.
  2. Pet issues. Just like people are reluctant to leave their families while traveling for locums, some people are reluctant to leave their pets. Express your concerns with your locums recruiter and see if they can help you find a solution: boarding your pet, traveling with your pet, pet walking services.
  3. Medical issues/Health and Wellness. Just like the general population, physicians suffer from medical conditions as well and may be concerned about traveling for locums work. If the need arises for emergency/urgent care, you need to know where to obtain those services. For those physicians who want to be sure to maintain their current healthy lifestyle, you can use a meal delivery services and find a local gym where you can take fitness classes.
  4. Health Insurance. Health insurance is one of the biggest concerns that physicians have when deciding to work as a locums provider. I had to figure this out on my own. However, a financial planner or insurance broker can be resourceful in helping you find health insurance.
  5. Legal/Tax/Financial Issues. Working as a locums physician means you are working as an independent contractor and not an employee. As a result, there are several financial and tax issues that must be addressed. Many physicians who are considering locums work get overwhelmed at this prospect. However, there are legal, tax, and financial experts that can help you with this. Be sure to assemble a team that consist of an attorney, CPA, and certified financial planner.

Don’t let these five issues deter you from working as a locums physician. In order to find out how you can overcome these issues, schedule your Locums Strategy Session with Dr. Stephanie.

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