Your First Locums Job: Here are 8 Things You Should Do

Starting any new job can be stressful. Making the transition from an employed physician to a locums physician requires some adjustments.  In order to make sure your locums assignment goes smoothly, here are 8 things you should do.

  1. Make sure your confirmation letter specifies the details of your assignment: location, dates, times, on-call, orientation, hourly pay, overtime pay, holiday pay.
  2. Make sure you learn everything you think you will need to know during your orientation. Learn about the EMR system, entering orders, writing/dictating notes, the PACs system, submitting your charges, hospital policies, etc.
  3. Know who your on-site liaison is both for your clinical duties (med director) and the administrative point of contact.
  4. Introduce yourself to everyone. Let them know you are the locums doctor who is covering for whatever timeframe.
  5. Be flexible. Realize that each place is different. Understand that the other doctors and nurses don’t know you and may not feel comfortable working with you initially. As a result, you may not get to do things exactly the way you would like them.
  6. Contact your locums recruiter if any issue arises. Let the know about issues sooner rather than later. You want to take a proactive approach, not a reactive approach
  7. Be nice. Avoid any conflicts with the nurses or other physicians. Remember, you are a guest in their facility. Don’t be a jerk
  8. Have fun. Working as a locums doctor is a great way to earn money, travel, and work on your own terms.

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