Four Reasons Why You Are Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Doing Locums


Many physicians want to do locums but are reluctant to do so. Others start doing locums but are disappointed in their locums experience. When talking to these physicians, I have discovered several reasons why their locums experiences isn’t what they need it to be.

  1. They overthink the process. The locums process is simple. Find an assignment. Work the assignment. Get paid. Repeat. Many physicians tend to make this more complicated than it needs to be.


  1. They care what other people think. Many physicians are reluctant to do locums or are disappointed in their locums experience because they think that being a locums physician is not prestigious. They think that locums physicians have a poor reputation. Many also think that doing locums for an extended period will make it more difficult to get a permanent job. You must remember why you are doing locums in the first place and don’t let what other people think keep you from experience all that working as a locums physician has to offer.


  1. They do too much. Many locums physicians get frustrated with locums because they don’t truly understand their role. As a locums physician, you are a “place holder”. You are there to see patients on a temporary basis until a permanent physician can be found. Therefore, you are not there to “save the world”. You are not there to improve the way the organization is run. You are there to just do your job, nothing more, nothing less.


  1. They are too picky. While it is important to be clear about what you want in terms of a locums assignment, but careful not to let your standards keep you from a good assignment. I have seen many physicians turn down a lucrative position over something as simple as a $10/hour difference in pay rate.


The locums process does not have to be difficult. All you must do is get out of your own way and start the process. To find our more information on how to get started doing locums, download my free e-book, Locum Tenens: Your Questions Answered.

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