Should You Take that Low(er) Paying Locums Assignment


One of the many benefits of doing locums is that you can make more money than you would make as an employed physician. While this is true most of the times, this is not always the case. In fact, many physicians are disappointed at the rates they may be offered for some locums assignments. They ask the question: should they take a low(er) paying locums assignment. The answer is: it depends. Before you decline an assignment because you think the pay rate is too low, consider the following:

  1. Do you need the money? Often, physicians decide to do locums out of a necessity. They may be searching for their first job or may be looking for their next job. They may have just entered the job market or are re-entering the job market due to leaving a job. If you need the money, you need to consider taking that low(er) paying assignment if that is all that is available to you at the time. Remember, locums is short-term, so you can move on to the next and hopefully higher paying assignment,
  2. Know Your Worth, But Don’t Overprice It. There is a lot of talk about “knowing your worth”. While knowing your worth is important, it is also good to know what the market rate is. Your goal is to get the top market rate. However, you must also realize that some jobs are only going to pay what they are going to pay. If you need the job, take it.
  3. Pay Your Dues. Just like anything else, you must pay your dues so to speak, when getting started with locums. Until you have the needed qualifications, certifications, and experience, you may have to accept what you consider to be a low(er) rate. However, after you have a few successful assignments under your belt and are developing a proven track record, you can ask for a higher rate.

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