How to Maximize Your Income This Holiday Season


Everyone would like to make more money during the holiday season. Doing locums is an easy way for physicians to generate more income during the holiday season. Because many physicians are away from work during the holiday season, the need for locums physiciansi s at an all time high.

  1. Pick up extra shifts. If your schedule allows you to, pick up additional shifts. Working just one or two extra shifts per month during the holiday season can really increase your income.
  2. Work the holiday shifts. If you do locums or work as an independent contractor, there is often extra pay associated with working the holiday shifts. The typical holiday rate is 1.5 times the typical rate. And here’s a secret, it is usually not busy on the holiday because most patients would rather be celebrating with their families as opposed to being in the hospital.
  3. Do locums during your vacation. If you are an employed physician and you get paid vacation, do locums work during your paid vacation. That would be like getting paid twice.

It is not too late to do locums work this holiday season.

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