What to Do if You Don’t Get Paid for a Locums Assignment


One of the reasons most physicians do locums is to make more money. Therefore, it can come as a shock when we don’t get paid after working a locums assignment, or you don’t get paid as much as you thought we would. If case this ever happens to you, and it will, follow these steps.

  1. Stay calm. When you are expecting to get paid and you don’t it is easy to panic and to get angry. Don’t. Stay calm and troubleshoot the situation.


  1. Verify.  Verify that you were supposed to be paid when you thought you were. Check the locums company payroll calendar to make sure you have the correct pay dates. Some locums companies have multiple payroll schedules. Find out which one you are on. In case you didn’t get paid the amount you thought you were owed, verify your pay rate by checking your confirmation letter.



  1. Confirm. Confirm that you submitted your hours correctly. Some companies require you to fax a time sheet. Others require you to submit your hours online. All locums companies have a deadline by which your hours must be submitted in order to be processed on time. Make sure you submitted your hours on time and in the appropriate manner. Also make sure that you provided the locums company with the correct direct deposit information.


  1. Contact. Contact your locums recruiter or the payroll department. They will be able to tell you what the issue is and will rectify the situation


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