What to Do If Your Locums Assignment Gets Cancelled: Part 2


Cancellations of locums assignments are common. Because a client’s staffing needs can change instantly, their need for your locums services can change as well. As a result, your locums assignment will get cancelled at some point. Although this can be an extremely stressful situation, and is a downside of doing locums, there is a strategy to handling this.

  1. Find out why. Speak with your locums recruiter and find out why the client cancelled. Oftentimes clients cancel because they have hired a permanent physician. Maybe they cancelled because they found another locums physician who could work for a cheaper rate. Maybe they cancelled because you were not a good fit for their organizations. However, realize they may never tell you why, and it is within their prerogative.


  1. Review your contract. Most locums company contracts have cancellation clauses. Review the clause to see the terms for “with cause” and “without cause” cancellations. Depending on the type of cancellation and the terms of the cancellation, you may be entitled to some compensation.


  1. Develop a plan. An unexpected cancellation can be very stressful because you must make up for those lost shifts and that lost revenue. The quicker you can find another assignment the better. Therefore, shift your focus from mourning the loss of your last assignment to finding your next assignment.


  1. Be thankful. Always remember this, “man’s rejection is God’s protection”. You never want to work at any place that just tolerates you. You want to work at places that appreciate you. Therefore, it a client cancels, take that as a sign from above that your time there is up, and you didn’t need to be there anymore.


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