Make Your Schedule to Your Own Advantage

One of the most frustrating things about working as a locums physician is when a client cancels an assignment. This just recently happened to me. There was a client who cancelled some upcoming dates because they hired a permanent physician. However, they wanted me to still work some dates in the future. And while clients have cancelled in the past, this cancellation was especially frustrating because they did not tell the locums recruiter that they were in the process of hiring another physician and that their need for locums would decrease. In addition to that, I turned down a more lucrative, local locums position to accept what I thought was an ongoing locums assignment.

Therefore, when they asked if I was still available to work the remaining dates, I said no.  I couldn’t trust them not to cancel those dates in the future. Here is what I discovered as a result of this, clients make the schedule to their own advantage. They do what they need to do to make sure their shifts are filled and that their staffing needs are covered. Because of this, they may not be forthcoming about the fact that they may not need your services in the near future because they want you to be available “just in case”.

Therefore, I decided as a result of this, from now on I will make my schedule to my own advantage and I encourage all of you locums physicians to do the same. Make your schedule to your own advantage.

Remember this, it takes three to six months to get a new locums assignment. Clients use locums physicians to fulfill their short-term staffing needs. One of the reasons using locums is attractive is because there is no long-term commitment on the part of the client. Clients can and will cancel your assignment at a moment’s notice when your services are no longer needed.

Therefore, you need to develop a system in which you make your schedule to lessen the impact of these cancellations.  That may mean scheduling locums assignments with several locums companies. That may also mean being very careful when working with clients who have cancelled assignments with you in the past. Whatever that means for you, develop your own method to lessen the impact of client cancellations on your schedule.

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