Dealing with Rejection as A Locums Doctor


In order to be successful as a locums physician, you must develop some thick skin, so to speak. You will face rejection a lot and you must learn how to deal with rejection. As a locums doctor, you are always in the market for your next job assignment. Because of this, you will be faced with rejection. Some clients won’t want to work with you for whatever reason. Other clients will decide after they work with you, that they no longer need your services. However, in order to deal effectively with rejection as a locums physician, keep these three things in mind.

  1. This is business, so don’t take it personally. Locums is a business. Client are under no obligation to work with you at all. And on the same token, if you decide you don’t like working with a client, you don’t have to continue working with them, either. Clients don’t owe you anything, nor do you owe them anything. Therefore, if things don’t work out, don’t take it personally. Move on.
  2. Have other options. In order to lessen the impact of rejection by a client, continue to exercise all your options. Work with multiple locums companies. Continue to search for new locums opportunities.
  3. Stay in the game. The never-ending search for new locums assignments, coupled with the seemingly unending paperwork, makes it very tempting to stop doing locums after being rejected a few times. Whether you don’t get chosen for a locums assignment you were really hoping for or were not asked to come back to a locums assignment that you think went well, the rejection gets old. However, resist the urge to throw in the towel. Stay in the game. Rejection is part of the process. For every client that doesn’t want to work with you, there is another client in desperate need of your services. Don’t give up.

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