Lucky Number 13

Guess what! I just got my 13th medical license from the state of Wisconsin. I’m very excited because the more medical licenses you have, the more opportunity for you to do locums work! This right here is money in the bank! Here are four things you need to do.

  1. Get an unrestricted license in the state in which you are currently living. This applies to my residents and fellows. Having an unrestricted medical license allows you to moonlight (if your program allows it) and will enable you to start working as an attending physician much sooner when you graduate.


  1. Get a medical license in the state where you plan on moving. This goes without saying. If you are even considering moving to another state, get a medical license there ASAP. You want to be able to work in the state in which you are moving.


  1. Never, ever, ever, ever let a medical license expire. Even though you may have moved out of that state and have no plans on ever returning, situations change. You may need to do locums. There may be a telemedicine opportunity in that state. Having an active medical license gives you more options.


  1. Take advantage of opportunities to get other medical licenses. If you are currently doing locums, don’t be afraid to look at opportunities in states in which you are not licensed, especially if the locums company is willing to license you.

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