Start Your Locums New Year Off Right with These Three Steps!


As 2018 winds to an end, many physicians find themselves wandering what changes they are going to make in the new year. Many physicians are considering making the transitions to locums work. However, to be successful in their quest to do locums, they must do these three things.

  1. Get Clarity. To be successful as a locums physician, you must get clarity. Ask yourself these questions: Why do you want to do locums? What do you hope to gain? How do you expect doing locums to be different/better than your current work situation? How long do you want to do locums? What is your ideal locums assignment? Are you willing to travel for your assignments? What is your timeframe? How much money do you want/need to make? Answering these questions is very important because it will give you a clear idea of what you want to accomplish by doing locums and it can help you focus on what the best situation is for you.


  1. Focus. To be successful as a locums doctor, you must focus your efforts on becoming a locums doctor. Making the transition to becoming a locums physician is a time-consuming process. Not only must you find the right assignment, but you must also obtain medical licenses and hospital privileges. This process can take anywhere from three to six months at a minimum. Therefore, to have plenty of locums work, you must focus your efforts. You must make an effort to reach out to various locums companies and talk to recruiters. You must make an effort to make sure that you complete all paperwork in a timely fashion. I always tell physicians who are doing locums or who are considering locums: your second job as a locums doctor is to find your next job as a locums doctor. Focus is key!


  1. Set Goals. The third thing you must do to have success as a locums physician is to set goals. You need to set a goal in terms of when you want to start your first locums assignment. You need to set a goal in terms of how many locums assignment you want to have at any particular time. You need to set a goal in terms of how much you want to work each month and how much money you want to make. Setting goals makes you define clear objectives that you wish to accomplish, and this leads to success.


Deciding to do locums work is an important decision with many implications. Getting clarity, obtaining focus, and setting goals will allow you to maximize your chances for locums success!

For more information on how to get started doing locums, download your free copy of my locums eBook: Locum Tenens: Your Questions Answered.

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