Five Easy Ways to Find Locums Work


After you have decided to start working as a locums physician you must find some opportunities. I have listed five easy strategies to help you find work as a locums.

  1. Search Online.

There are countless physician job search websites that lists all types of jobs in all specialties in all locations. In addition to that, there are national physician staffing companies that have permanent and temporary work opportunities. Visit the websites of these companies as well.  Enter your contact information or upload your CV onto these websites.

  1. Talk to physician recruiters.

Once you enter your information to the job search websites, you will be contacted by physician recruiters. Talk to them. Tell them what you are looking for and see what opportunities they may have for you.

  1. Ask your colleagues.

Your colleagues may know of job opportunities or they may be able to refer to you someone else who does.

  1. Contact potential employers directly

Often if you are looking for part-time locums work or a moonlighting opportunity, contact a private physician or physician group in your town to see if they may need some temporary coverage. Many times, individual physicians or private practices may need to hire a physician on a part-time, temporary, or prn basis, but have not formally advertised this job opening or have gone through a recruiting agency because they may not want to pay a recruitment fee.

  1. Google

When all else fails, “Google” it. Google whatever it is you are looking for. Whether it is “moonlighting jobs for physicians in Houston” or “part-time, work from home, non-clinical jobs for physicians”; enter these phrases into your internet search engine and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Taking these five easy steps will have you working a new locums job in not time at all!

To discover ways to find more locums work, schedule your one hour Locums Strategy Session with Dr. Stephanie.

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