The Perfect Gift


Have you ever said to yourself, ” If I had known then what I know now….“? How would your career be different if you would have learned during your medical training all of the things you had to learn the hard way as an attending physician? How much money did you lose, how many bad career moves did you make, and how much pain did you experience simply because you made decisions based on your lack of knowledge?

Do you know a young physician who is just starting their training to whom you want to impart your wisdom? A physician that you want to take under your wings and teach them how to navigate the minefield of medicine?

If you do, I have just the thing!

My book, Real World Medicine: What Your Attending Didn’t Tell You and Your Professor Didn’t Know provides practical tools on practicing medicine in the real world. It gives strategies on how to be successful as an attending physician.

Give the gift of wisdom and purchase this book today!

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