What I’m not finna do

Please excuse the vernacular. I got a call from a locums recruiter and they had some dates available for me to work in November. When I looked at my calendar, those dates fell on the Thanksgiving Holiday. So, I promptly told the recruiter no.

See, I have decided that I am going to do something that I have not done in my 17 years of being a physician, and that is to be off on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s right, I am not working either holiday this year.

In all fairness, over the past 10 or so years I have worked as a locums doctor, I have chosen to work the holidays. The ICU is typically quiet on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I enjoyed getting paid time and a half for the holiday rate. The staff typically brings in a lot of food and the hospitals typically provide free meals to the staff on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But this year, I decided that I want to spend both holidays with my family. So, when that recruiter called me offering those dates, in my mind I said “what*I’m*not*finna* do*is*work*Thanksgiving”. However, in real life, I politely declined and thanked him for calling me.

Working as a locums physician gives you options. Options to work when and where you want to work.

Working as a locums doctor allows you to say “no”.

You can say “no” to working on the holidays. You can say “no” to missing time with your family and friends. You can say “no” to working for less money than you deserve.

This year, I am saying “no” to working on the holidays.

What are some things that you want to say “no” to?


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Dr. Stephanie

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