Don’t go broke trying to get rich!

Many of us physicians have figured out that working a 9 to 5 (or 7-7) for “the man” is not the pathway to financial independence. With our crushing student loan debt and other expenses, it seems like it is going to take us an even longer time to gain financial independence than it took us to become physicians in the first place. We also have discovered that working for someone else does not give us the freedom and independence that we so desire.

As a result, many physicians, myself included, have started businesses and/or opened their own practices. However, after the exhilaration of striking out on your own and becoming your own boss goes away, the terrifying reality hits you that you no longer have a steady source of income. Most businesses fail in two years. The ones that don’t fail take 2-3 years to break even, and even longer to make a profit. What does that mean? It means that your business could take years to be profitable enough so that you can earn money from your business.

So while you are working hard and making financial sacrifices to grow your business, your expenses continue to accrue and your bills continue coming.  You want to continue to grow your business, but you need income to cover your personal (and business) expenses.

So, what’s a physician to do?


That’s right. Locum tenens is the perfect solution for the physician entrepreneur!

Working as a locum’s physician provides a steady income to cover your personal needs, while giving you time to run your business.  Picking up just a few locums shifts a month, can put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket each month. And this money can be used to cover your personal expenses or to cover your business expenses.

So, don’t go broke trying to get rich!

Consider doing locums work to supplement your income while you are building your business.

For more information on working as a locums doctor, check out my online Locums Life Academy at or contact me at


Dr. Stephanie

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